Here are some ways you can help get mountain biking back in the Ware River Watershed:

1). Hike the trails! Foot traffic will keep them open until biking can return.

2). Don't ride the trails...don't do anything that will give the DWSP ammunition against mountain biking.

3). Write to people who have the ability to influence the DWSP. See model letter below. However, be warned that surface mail is scanned on arrival at DCR, and forwarded to the party responsible for the issue you are writing about (In this case, Yeo). It is not clear that correspondence will reach the addressee.

Matthew Beaton, secretary of EEA and the DCR's boss, Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, 100 Cambridge St, Suite 900 Boston, MA 02114 or

Anne Gobi, State Senator, supportive of mountain biking,

Leo Roy, Commissioner of the DCR, under Beaton, Department of Conservation and Recreation, 251 Causeway St Boston, MA 02114

4). Join the Friends of the Ware River Watershed to keep informed on developments and to lend your support

5). Read about the various agencies that control, monitor and report on MA water issues

6). Support trail advocacy.

DWSP State Senators Petition 6 22 16V2 (1)

Model letter if you are writing to appointed or elected state officials