Has the DWSP declared war on all passive recreation in the watershed?

New signage along the rail trail, along with newly blocked trails indicates so.  At T3 and MCRT  a new sign went up within the past week, a sign not previously seen in the WRW. I suspect that cameras have picked up some horse traffic and hikers, etc., not only off road cyclists, and maybe that is why the new signs prohibit all access.

Some of the trails not previously closed are now dump sites filled with dead and fallen branches, trees and stumps. The trail I always referred to as Raccoon Alley now has signs that say ‘Closed to all Access.” The Hidden Trail now has branches and dead trees at both trail heads and a sign at the Prison Camp end which closes it to all access. 
The DWSP has built a police state in Central MA for outdoor recreationalists. Who would want to move here—or live here? If you enjoy the outdoors (quiet and peaceful recreation), this is not the place for you…for fear of receiving a ticket, having your car confiscated, being degraded and treated like shit at WRWAC meetings for speaking in favor of mountain biking, and being treated like criminals by DWSP…
As long as the DWSP continues to tighten all access, buy land and restrict its use, this is not the place for hikers, skiers, mountain bikers, etc. to live.
If I were a politician representing this section of the Commonwealth, I’d be quite concerned.