Herm Eck Email

Here was what the DCR Chief Forester had to say about who built the trails in the watershed. DCR knows a variety of user groups built the trails.

NEMBA_WRW_Request (1)

NEMBA"s response to the DCR-DWSP "Fact Sheet" (See MARTAB document in this section)


DCR-DWSP response to a proposal from MARTAB for trails in the Watershed. Attached is a DCR-DWSP "Fact Sheet", with lots of misleading "Facts".


When DCR-DWSP's own analyst was tasked with finding literature about how bad mountain biking was for the environment - and couldn't.


From the Wachusett Watershed public access plan on why horses are allowed in the Ware Watershed http://www.mass.gov/eea/docs/dcr/watersupply/watershed/2011wachusettaccessplan.pdf ...so why not bikes?

Unauthorized single-tracking riding on DWSP la

The original of the DWSP Power Point propaganda that is rebutted here. This document is routinely used by DWSP and others to demonize off road bicycling in the Ware Watershed.

2015 Watershed Inspection

The DWSP plan for enforcement of no biking on trails in the Ware Watershed. Attached to the plan are pages from DWSP Power Point presentation rebutted here. They keep using the same propaganda.


Wherein Mr. Yeo decides that there should be no more e-mails on the subject of mountain biking because someone is obtaining their e-mails through public document requests. What are they hiding?

unfriendly friends

Here is what happens if you try to form a "Friends of the Watershed" group. If your mission doesn't agree with the DWSP then you are branded "unfriendly"

MWRA-Advisory Board Propaganda