The information presented in this web site is a rebuttal to the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Division of Water Supply Protection (DWSP) on their position regarding off road bicyclists (referred to as mountain bikers). This web site shows how the DWSP has misled the public and other state agencies regarding public access and specifically mountain biking in the Ware River Watershed.

This page will be under constant construction as new documents, photographs, and other information becomes available.

And a message for the DWSP, the MWRA, MWRA Advisory Board, the WSCAC and others: We are watching you. Every time you mislead, misrepresent or lie about mountain biking in the Watershed we are going to call you on it

Read all about it! Bike magazine article on the Ware River Watershed:

SIgn the petiton:

(This site is not affiliated with any mountain biking or trail advocacy group.)